Tips Explore Nusa Penida with start budget IDR 200K

Tips Explore Nusa Penida with start budget IDR 200K

Explore the beauty of Western of Nusa Penida . Kelingking Beach and Broken Beach is Popular Destination that should be visited!

For all backpackers or Traveller have a low budget to explore Nusa Penida it seems very interested, 

with start IDR 200K , you can explore Nusa Penida, interesting isn't it?

Here is Tips for all of Backpackers or Traveller around the world :


to get cheap fast boat tickets, I was booking fast boat tickets at

the system give me a complete information about tickets, and its very important is  100% Money Back Guaranteed 

Choose Departure Harbour from Sanur / Kusamba to Nusa Penida 

( I suggest choose Banjar Nyuh Harbour because Its close with Destination that will visited)


Domestic  ticket prices are IDR 85,000 (one way ticket)

and for Foreign tourists ticket prices are IDR 150,000 (one way ticket)


when you arrived at the Nusa Penida harbour , the best way to explore Nusa penida with rent a scooter .  

scooter rental price is Rp. 75,000/days

also I will suggest you can explore west of nusa penida first. The main road in Nusa Penida is already good, and the available road guides are very helpful for travellers or solo travelers.

Before starting the trip is better to fill up the gasoline first, no need to worry in Nusa Penida there are gas stations and also many retailers who sell gasoline.


First, visit the most famous destination is Kelingking Point in Nusa Penida. The journey takes 40 minutes with motorbike

Incredible views from above see the beauty like a hill that stands high above the sea. Kelingking Point has a coastline below it. To go down takes almost 1 hour. To arrive at the beach, you can go down the stairs to the beach. to save time, there is no need to go down Kelingking Beach because you can continue the trip to Broken Beach.


Second, Go to Broken Beach, you need to follow the existing road instructions with the condition of the main road which is still good. But after the main road when turning into the road to Broken Beach, the road has been rocky and damaged road conditions require you to be careful driving a motorcycle so that it does not fall.

Not far from Broken Beach I walked 5 minutes to Angel Bilabong.

At Angel Bilabong we can see a lagoon pool with views of the sea and large rocks. It must be remembered, if the wave conditions are large, it is not permissible to swimming Angel Bilabong, because it is very dangerous if suddenly a big wave comes.


Satisfied to take pictures in Angel Billabong, you will immediately continue to Crystal Bay Beach. The last trip to Crystal Bay Beach is one-way to the road to Toya Pakeh Harbor, about 40 minutes to get to this beach.

For those of you who like to travel with a backpacker budget and don't have more time to explore Nusa Penida, the choice of going west I don't think it's wrong to see some of the beauty that is on Nusa Penida Island, Bali.



Here is detail expense Budget for one day trip Nusa Penida for backpacker :

Personal Expense :

1. Booking Online Fast Boat Ticket (go & return) :  IDR 170,000 (Domestic Passanger)

2. Lunch : Rp. 30,000

3. Big Mineral Water : Rp. 10,000

3. Entrance Fee at Kelingking beach and Broken beach : Rp. 10,000 (5,000 per each)

Total Budget of Rp. 220,000/pax 


Grup Expense (min 2 pax)

1. Motorbike rental is :  Rp. 75,000 

2. Gasoline is  :  Rp. 25,000 

3. Parking ticket at Crystal Bay  : Rp. 5,000

Total Budget of Rp. 105,000/pax 


Photo Credit by @thurmagramm


5 Tips for Backpackers will explore Nusa Penida
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