Best Place to Propose your Lover in Nusa Penida

Best Place to Propose your Lover in Nusa Penida

Hello~ welcome back again with some more tips from us , Penidago! Today we will recommend you guys that wanted to propose your lover in somewhere nice, with a beautiful scenery at the background !

Well we will give you the list about the best places to propose your love ones in this beautiful island of Nusa Penida !

Beach / Hills

Of course why not? As for usual beach/beautiful hills are always the main place where you can propose either your woman or might be your man ! As you can see some people might prefer to propose their love ones at sunset , and some of them prefer it on a warm sunny day in the afternoon.


Here are the place for sunset that you should visit :

1. Kelingking Beach

Here we recommended to propose on the viewpoint , why? Because here is the best place to look at the “T-Rex” shaped beach !


2. Teletubbies Hills

Most couples usually propose at this place , well other else than sunset scenery this place has unique shaped hills that really looked like from the kids show called “Teletubbies”.


3.Broken Beach

A beach that has a hole in the middle of its cliff and some sea water that were surrounded with high cliffs , again this place is really beautiful especially at sunset.


4. Crystal Bay

Crystal Bay is a great place to propose with crystal clear water and with a small island in the middle ! and don’t forget you can see sunset here !


5. Toyapakeh Beach

Also a nice place to look sunset , it is a simple beach but it is also great for proposing your lover.


These are the most beautiful place to propose with the sunset background that is located on the west coast / west part , well it is not a must that you should wait for the sunset to come for example like the Kelingking Beach this place is also beautiful even on a warm sunny day!


Next are the the nice beautiful place that are suitable for you to propose on a warm sunny day are :


1. Diamond Beach (East Coast)

For sure we need to use the stairs to reach this beautiful beach, and while you are still on the staircase with the beautiful scenery of the diamond beach , here is the best place to propose your lover !


2. Suwehan Beach (East Coast)

To propose here you must check the tides on the news or in the internet whether if the tides are high or not , if this beach has high tides the chances you propose towards your lover with the beautiful scenery are quite low . But relax this place is still good for your proposing moment but a small note if the tides are low !


3. Atuh Beach (East Coast )

Atuh Beach is almost the same as crystal bay it is a great place to propose with crystal clear water and again with a small unique island in the middle !


4. Banah Cliff ( South Coast )

Here you might need to propose on the viewpoint instead it is way more nicer to do it on the viewpoint !


 So? Got enough information ? Well hope you did get some new information from us!

Have a Nice Holiday Everyone

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Traditional Market in Nusa Penida Island
Best Place to Propose your Lover in Nusa Penida