Things You Need to Know - Kelingking Beach Edition

Things You Need to Know - Kelingking Beach Edition

Hello there ! welcome to the new comers and welcome back to the ones who have visited our previous blog , okay so are you curious or maybe confuse on what to do in this Kelingking Beach? Well here we will explain and might give you guys some small tips! So what are we waiting for? Let’s start on gathering information on what to do in Kelingking Beach!


1.   Swimming

You might be thinking that of course we all can swim on any beach , right? Well it is quite true but just be careful for novice swimmer, some visitors have confirmed that the wave are quite insane. So please don’t swim if you aren’t 100% sure that you can handle the conditions.


But if you can handle it , that means it is a super good news for you! This place is very beautiful but also you need time to reach to the beach , right? So after you reach to this beach you can have a fun time swimming with the beautiful scenery around you.


2.   Sunbathing

This place Is also good for sunbathing you know! Again with the beautiful scenery around you, you can relax and enjoy the view with the warm feeling because of the bright sun and some breeze that will absolutely enjoyable and it is also good for having a little picnic with your family or your partner but we recommend to check weather predictions on the day you want to go to Kelingking Beach!


3.   Photoshoot

Photoshoot with a beautiful scenery at the background in Nusa Penida? You don’t have to worry about it because you can do it in one of the most beautiful places on Nusa Penida by visiting Kelingking Beach ! This place is also super instagramable and if you’ve been to our previous blog you might notice that kelingking have reached the 2nd of the best beaches in Asia! So it might be a little bit crowded at a certain time but you wouldn’t regret with the beautiful scenery that this beach has. So what are you waiting for? Time to take some memorable photos to fill into your album!


4.    Surfing

As we said in the first category the wave in Kelingking Beach is quite insane so be more careful. But of course for surfers they will have a really great time and having a lot of fun! Some of the times , well to be honest it is quite often that this beach will have high tides so again please watch your safety.


Save This Post as Your Small Reminder about Tips When You Are Visiting Kelingking Beach!

Well then See You Guys Tomorrow with more tips from us!

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