5 Best Spot Sunset In Nusa Penida

5 Best Spot Sunset In Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is an amazing island, You will see beautiful beaches, manta rays and more. If you travel from Bali, you will spend 40-60 minutes by fast boat from the port of Sanur. the beauty of Nusa Penida has been recognized to the world, such as Kelingking Beach which has received the Tripadvisor Choice Best Beach 2019, Rank # 2 in Asia and No. 19 in the world. If you visit Nusa Penida don't miss a very beautiful sunset,  here are 5 Best Spot Sunset in Nusa Penida :



Attractions in Nusa Penida become a tourist destination that is packaged in the direction of other tourist directions towards the West Route, a place that must be visited because of its amazing natural beauty, beautiful cliffs jutting into the sea, also known as dinosaur cliffs because these cliffs are briefly called dinosaurs T- Rex, looks so unique and attractive, equipped with a vast blue ocean, looks beautiful combined with white sandy beaches located at the foot of the cliff, its beauty is more complete with the complex of the day, this best sunset spot in Nusa Penida.



Teletubbies Hill, named after the iconic cartoon character during the early 2000 "Teletubbies" which took place in the green hilly area as home to 4 colorful dreamy creatures. In this place you will find a green landscape that will catapult your mind. It is highly recommended to visit this place in the morning, because it will be too hot for you when you visit this place in the afternoon. Great spots for photos are easy to find anywhere with a beautiful green hill background. the best time to visit Bukit Teletubbies Hills at 05.00PM the compilation of the sun begins to merge, you can see the beautiful sunset 



Also known as Pasih uug, this tourist attraction on Nusa Penida is a popular tour destination with a unidirectional route in the West Nusa Penida region, called Broken Beach or Pasih Uug because the geographical contours of the place seem damaged, You can watch the waves crashing in from the Indian Ocean and, if you’re lucky, you may spot silhouettes of giant mantas near the surface of the deep blue water and try to come in the afternoon to watch the sunset here.



A popular tourist spot in Nusa Penida presents a variety of advantages and special attractions. Crystal Bay Beach is a must tourist destination for tourists, the beauty of white sandy beaches is an ideal place for chatting, the sea air is also clear and the underwater biota is also beautiful, so Crystal Bay is a popular and favorite place for snorkeling activities. The beauty is a more complete compilation of sunrise or sunset arrives if you want to watch the sunset and natural beauty come here around 04.45 pm.



In Toya Pakeh Nusa Penida you can enjoy the beauty of the beach while sitting and relaxing, watching the activities of fishermen and seaweed farmers, and of course the main reason why tourists visit this place, which is diving and snorkeling enjoying underwater panoramas. There are various kinds of coral reefs that reach 40 meters and very beautiful fish like blue triggerfish near the pontoon. Sometimes there are also many Giant Trevally and Mola Mola fish which can reach 2 meters in size. With the currents that are not too heavy and the clarity of the sea, you can see the underwater creatures so clearly. if you like the sunset here you will see the beautiful sunset. the best time to see sunset at 05.00PM.


That are the places I recommend for your vacation if you want to see the sunset,



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