3 Days Ultimate Guide To Explore Nusa Penida

3 Days Ultimate Guide To Explore Nusa Penida

Penida island has loads of things to see and do. All over the island, you will find cassava and corn farms. In the center of the island, there are windmills that generate power for all three Nusa Islands. Here is how to see the island in 3 days.


Day 1 – North and East

Catch the first ferry at 8 AM from the Sanur harbor to Nusa Penida. After a 35-minute ride, you can either rent a motorbike or jump into the car to explore Penida.

Summary of day 1

  1. Cave Temple ( Giri Putri Temple )
  2. Atuh Beach
  3. Diamond Beach
  4. Thousand Islands Viewpoint
  5. Rumah Pohon Treehouse .

Tips: More beach? Visit Suwehan Beach. Unfortunately, we could not go there due to problems after a small earthquake.


Day 2 – West Coast

Today is all about the popular west coast on Penida. Head out first to Kelingking viewpoint and Kelingking Beach. We recommend visiting from 7 to 9 AM. The first tourists, coming by boat on a Nusa Penida Tour will start arriving from 9 AM.

Summary of day 2

  1. Kelingking Beach
  2. Broken Beach
  3. Angel’s Billabong
  4. Crystal Bay

Tips: It’s recommended to wear shoes in the water at Crystal Bay since the rocks and corals are very sharp.


Day 3 – Hidden Places

The last day of exploring Penida island will be to a few lesser known spots. Start at Peguyanan waterfall. A blue staircase on the side of the cliff runs all the way down to a temple tiny waterfall. 

Summary of day 3

  1. Peguyanan waterfall
  2. Tembeling natural pool
  3. Banah Cliff Point


Please note: The road is narrow and very steep for a motorbike. Only recommended if you are experienced!



By : Saltinourhair

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