5 Tips for Backpackers will explore Nusa Penida

5 Tips for Backpackers will explore Nusa Penida

You are backpackers who want trip to Nusa Penida with low budget, Don't worry, Prepare your budget start IDR 339K for one day trip to Nusa Penida.  Are you interested?

Let's follow the guidelines that we provide as a reference for your trip to Nusa Penida:

1. Save your Ticket Right Now. !! Before you visit Nusa Penida you should book the ticket first, because it will make efficient your trip to Nusa Penida, at Penidago.com you can booking tickets online from afar and get the best guarantee price. There are many types of fast boats that have the best service in their class. For one day trip you should booking a return ticket (departure 07.30 am and return 17.00 pm)

Limited Seat!!!!

2. The tourism retribution fee :  all tourists that entering Nusa Penida Region are required to pay a retribution fee. The retribution fee for Adult is IDR 25K per person and IDR 15K per person for children. The tourism retribution fee is included entrance fee all spot in Nusa Penida. The money collected is managed by the Government of Klungkung Regency and it is allocated for tourism development, conservation, infrastructure, and community projects. In order to make a short process of retribution payment, it is recommended to prepare your little cash money in Rupiah before traveling to Nusa Penida.

3. Rent a Motorbike : Recommended to anyone has driving motorbike license,  for efficient your trip you can explore Nusa Penida use a motorbike to make it easier when accessing the tourist attractions,  where can you rent a motorbike? You can rent a motorbike when you arrived at the port of Nusa Penida, with a price of between IDR 75k-90k depending on motorbikes type.  Don't forget to prepare IDR 20K for fill petrol your scooter

4. Choose Best Destinations : For one day trip you can only visit maximum 4 tourist attractions, please choose whether you want to go west or east, about the west or east tourist attractions you can see it again in our previous post there we provide some places you can visit. You can also save the post so that later you can easily find your place name. FYI: Parking fee around IDR 2K - 5K.

5. Meals : Oh ya before starting your trip, you have to bring one large mineral water the price IDR 10K, because the price of drinks at tourist attractions has a different price, you should buy first at supermarket closer with the harbor We suggest to you for lunch on local resto, you can choose the local food around the tourist attractions with the maximum cost IDR 50K .

Don't forget to spend your time for check-in your return ticket at least 30min before boat leaving.

Save this post now, this could be your reference one day when you have a plan to visit Nusa Penida.

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