6 Tips to Know Before Exploring Nusa Penida

6 Tips to Know Before Exploring Nusa Penida

Are you ready to explore Nusa Penida? 


Here are 6 Tips to Know Before Exploring Nusa Penida  :

  1. Start from Sanur Harbor : The easiest and cheapest way to reach Nusa Penida. There are plenty fast boats heading to Nusa Penida or Nusa Lembongan Sometimes crowded when buy the ticket directly but don't worried, You can booking online your ticket with Penidago.com . The fast boat ticket for foreign is IDR 150,000/pax and ticket for domestic is IDR 85,000/pax.  You just need to sit for 40 minutes while enjoying the blue sea ! Other alternatives to reach this island are from Padang Bai, Kusamba Harbor, and Nusa Lembongan.
  2. Use your waterproof backpack , Short pant , Slipper , and Bring Swimsuit : At Sanur Harbor, The fast boats don’t dock in a pier so you should walk to the shoreline. That’s why you should put your belongings in the safest place especially when it comes to electronic devices. Sea waves are quite big and sometimes hit you and make you wet. If you don’t have a waterproof backpack at least you cover your bag with plastic bags. So be prepared!
  3. Don't visit nusa penida in June : Sounds weird? But it’s true! When I visited Nusa Penida, I found out everything was not as what I expected in terms of the sea journey especially on Eid Mubarak Day (Moeslem Day). It's very crowded. They explained that east winds from Australia hit Indonesia especially Bali in June, so no wonder the waves were really big. We even experienced that our fast boat engine was dead on our way back to Sanur in the middle of the sea! Scary right?
  4. Select the best Destination in Nusa Penida : Make sure you have known what you want to explore as Nusa Penida has three different areas with their respective natural beauties. They are in the West, East, and South. It also helps you allocate your energy efficiently. And don't forget to prepare your sufficient Cash .
  5. Rent a motorbike for efficient trip : Especially for everybody have riding licence you can rent a motor bike to explore nusa penida because somethings part of this island has the worst infrastructure of all. So please driving carefully . This island is untouched and has really bad signals. You cannot count on Google Maps or GPS, nope! Besides, Nusa Penida is huge and only has 14 villages that scattered far away from each other. We recommended to you take a picture when you find junction .
  6. Prepare your Energy and Bring enough gears : Exploring Nusa Penida really drains your energy, yes literally drains your energy. As this journey is adventurous, so don’t forget to bring your ultimate travel gears like sunblock, UV glasses, a hat, jacket, slippers, and some pairs of clothes.


You’ll do much trekking and long walking here. So preparing your personal medicines won’t hurt you, right?

I Hope you find my tips useful and informative.

Happy traveling!


Photo credit by @aditbendoth

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